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Professional Counseling That Cares for Your Social and Mental Well-Being

PIL Professional Counseling & Psychotherapy in Virginia Beach, VA offers specialized services to individuals struggling with different psychosocial issues. With a focus on mental and behavioral health, we provide therapeutic assistance to ensure a person’s well-being. We provide

ASAM certified assessments in accordance with The Commission on VASAP.


Our Mission

Our goal is to enhance the quality of the lives of our clients and their families. As we help them discover new ways to develop their potential and appreciate their unique traits, we lead them toward a happier life. We help offset unwanted symptoms and behaviors that may affect families and communities.


What We Do 

Through individual and group counseling as well as psychotherapy, we address both the characteristics and interpersonal competencies of our clients. We work with them to enhance their life skills, coping strategies, and interpersonal relationships. We also serve communities by conducting consultations, prevention services, and outreach programs.


Our Guarantee 

PIL Professional Counseling & Psychotherapy offers a place where each client’s voice will be heard in an atmosphere of compassion and confidentiality. They can tell us about their personal concerns without fear of judgment. We welcome people from all age groups and walks of life.

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